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Insert a Pixel Amazon Toolkit Template into the WP Sidebar

Providing you have followed the steps to >create a new Amazon product template, please follow the steps below to show any template in the WP Sidebar.

  1. Goto: WP Admin -> Appearance -> Widgets
  2. From the list of available WordPress widgets, select PAT Templates
  3. From the dropdown, select the name of the Template you would like to display
  4. Click save and check the front-end.
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Create a Reusable Amazon Product Template

Pixel Amazon Toolkit comes with a nifty feature that allows you to create reusable Amazon product templates no matter if its a link, similar product block, image, call to action or review block – you can even add custom html.

To create a new Amazon Product Template

  1. Goto: WP-Admin -> Pixel Amazon Toolkit -> Add New Template
  2. Enter an easy to recognise title for the template
  3. Just like you would when you are inserting a widget into a post or page, click the Amazon toolkit button from the WordPress post editor, search for a product and insert your widget as normal
  4. From the template settings area below the post editor, select wether you want to automatically insert the template into posts, pages or a custom post type of your choosing.
  5. Click Publish

Top Tip: You can manually output any template you create by copying the shortcode which is located above the publish button on the template editor screen.

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How to Create Custom Templates

By default, all templates are being loaded from our plugin directory. If you want to customize the way Pixel Knowledge Base looks and it cant be done with css you will need to copy our templates into your theme directory.

Templates can be found at


Important! :: Do not copy the index.php file in the template folder, if you overwrite this in your theme file it will break your theme. Make sure you take a backup before making any theme changes.

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