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How to display Knowledge Base Items in Posts

As of version 1.3.6 we added a new shortcode that you can use anywhere on your website.

Simply insert the id of the post you want to display or if you want to display multiple posts simply separate them by commas.

[pkb_item id=""]

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How to set colours for a knowledge base category?

In version 1.3.3 we added a cool new feature that allows you to select colors for each of the knowledge base category. If a color is selected, each knowledge base item will have unique styling based on its categories settings.

To use this feature just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go-to WordPress Admin -> Pixel Knowledge Base -> Knowledge Base Categories
  2. From the category options select the color picker and choose a color
  3. Once a color has been selected, hit save. Check the front-end archive for the result
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How To Setup Pixel Affiliate Toolkit

Before you can start using Pixel Affiliate Toolkit to search Amazon products from your WordPress editor, there is a few things you need to take care of first such as adding your Amazon AWS keys and store id’s.

Getting setup is really simple, just follow these simple steps.

  1. Add your Amazon AWS Public Key ID & AWS Secret Access Key to the Pixel Affiliate Toolkit Settings Page
  1. Insert your Amazon Associate ID’s for each region

Once you have filled in these details, the Affiliate Toolkit button will be available from the post editor.

Don’t yet have any AWS details?This guide will get you setup in no time at all.

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How Can Registered Users Submit Data from the Frontend?

In version 1.2 we added the ability to let users submit Pixel Knowledge Base answers from the front-end of the site but, How can you use this new feature?

All of the heavy lifting is being done by one single shortcode.


Simply create a new page, paste the above shortcode and save.

Submission Requirements

Due to security, we took the move to only allow logged-in users to submit new posts from the front-end of the site while giving you the fine grain control of choosing which roles can and cannot submit new items.

  1. User must be currently logged in
  2. You must select which roles can submit new posts from the plugins settings
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How to change the settings of Pixel Knowledge Base?

To change the settings related to Pixel Knowledge Base, navigate to:

WP Admin -> Pixel Knowledge Base -> Settings

Where you can find all of the currently available settings and options.

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Add a New Question to Pixel Knowledge Base

To add a new question and answer, navigate to:

WP Admin -> Pixel Knowledge Base -> Add New

You will need to assign the item a title (the question), some content (the answer) and a new category, which can be found on the right hand side.

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