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Pixel Affiliate Toolkit allows you to insert similar Amazon products related to your current selection. While its a bit limited with what the API returns, it serves as a great end of post block or as a compliment to an existing Amazon Affiliate store product.

The similar Amazon products blocks works very much the same as your typical ‘similar posts’ block. It shows the Item Title, Item Description, Item Price, Item Image and a button linking directly to the product.

Much how a similar posts block is great to reduce your bounce rate, displaying similar Amazon products is a great way to increase your conversion rates.

How to insert a similar Amazon products block

  1. From the WordPress Editor, Click the ‘Amazon Toolkit’ button. It’s located next to Add Media.
  2. Start by searching for a product by keyword or ASIN
  3. Select the product you wish to promote from the results list and click ‘Create widget’
  4. From the top tabs in the same window, click ‘Similar Products’
  5. Select which products from the list you would like to display inside the block
  6. Click ‘Insert Block’
  7. When finished, Publish / Update the post and check the front-end

Note: You must select at least one product before you can insert the similar items block.

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